Distribution Channels

DO YOU NEED TO CHOOSE ANOTHER DEALER, or have you not yet found the right dealer to market your product? TofKo offers help to find the right distribution channel.

WHEN YOUR COMPANY ENTERS A NEW MARKET or introduces a new product to a market, it is essential to find the right dealer, agent or importer. Your company wants to benefit even more from existing channels - or new contracts need to be negotiated. It can be a hard and timeconsuming task. Therefore, TofKo is ready to assist you to set up a co-operation that builds future sales and profits.

THE CHOICE OF DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL must be considered a strategic choice. On the one hand it is important not to exclude any possibilities. On the other hand it is important to avoid the unserious connections. The time spent on evaluating the goals prior to your efforts will save you a lot of problems and expenses in the future.

Questions to be asked, e.g. :

  • Have we adopted our product to the market?
  • Which type of co-operation suits our ideas?
  • Which issues must be included in the agreement?
  • How do we cover our costs?
  • What are the advantages and the disadvantages of the different channels?

TOFKO'S TEAM OF CONSULTANTANTS look for a new agent or dealer to your company. We offer assistance in e.g. working out contracts and sales and delivery terms.

IT IS A MATTER OF TRUST to find and preserve the right distribution channel. For this, TofKo have respect. We help your company set up reasonable demands and policies for a co-operation.

TOFKO USE SEVERAL SOURCES TO FIND THE right type of co-operation and contacts suitable to your company. And we actively participate during negotiations and elaboration of contracts based on your sales concept.

IN CO-OPERATION WITH YOU we find out what is best for your company. We understand if the task is confidential and therefore, we are able to make anonymous search for potential partners.

TOFKO HAVE A WORLDWIDE NETWORK. We can call on external experts to set up the best team for a specific project.

For further information, please contact:

TofKo Business Development A/S
Tel: +45 98 31 77 11