Product Program

Can you afford not to use our advice?
SINCE 1987, TOFKO HAS created growth and development in small and medium-sized companies in the northern part of Denmark. Development is often a matter of communication. Trust, openness and common understanding of goals and means are decisive for good results and satisfaction.

GOOD RESULTS SELDOM COME AUTOMATICALLY. Hard, purposeful work is required, and professional knowledge as well as cooperation with experienced consultants can be a great help!

AT TOFKO, WE WORK with practical, tailor-made customer solutions - and we focus on results. Our activities are based on tools. We speak clearly and offer advice that is easily understood - we do not just make do with a report!

WE ARE PROUD OF INTRODUCING our new product program. The best way to successful sales when it comes to development and changes, which strengthen the company and the employees.

We work within the following categories:

I. Marketing, sales and export

  • market analysis
  • sector analysis
  • strategy
  • marketing plans
  • export research
  • distribution channels
  • export contracts
  • product adaptation
  • competition analysis
  • customer analysis
  • export courses
  • planning of trade shows

II. IT solutions

  • IT strategy and use
  • internet marketing

III. Organisation and management

  • strategic management
  • co-operations
  • organisational development
  • generational change
  • recruitment
  • staff handbook
  • management handbook

IV. Communication

  • communication services
  • language services

V. Finances

  • budget and calculation
  • export simulations
  • fundraising

VI. Sales

  • sales
  • product handbook

TOFKO IS A FULL-SERVICE CONSULTANCY COMPANY and as a cooperation partner we guarantee high quality and integrity.

OVER THE YEARS, WE HAVE CREATED A WORLDWIDE NETWORK of associates. If needed, we can call on external experts to put together the best team for a specific project to maximise the benefits for our customers.

TofKo Business Development A/S